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Team Extension Made Easy with AITA

We help facilitate the expansion of your software development team to deliver excellence without blockers.

Our Developers Augment Your IT Teams by Providing the Skills You Require.

Image, Video and Text Processing and Analytics

Long-Term Extended Team

We provide tailored recruitment for long-term collaboration - you get a developer hired with the necessary hard and soft talents. You or your project manager can oversee task completion while we take care of the rest.


Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Use this hiring technique to find tech talent quickly. In addition to ready-to-go teams, we offer a candidate pool of elite professionals that can start work within a week.
Recommendation Modeling

Vendor Transition

Are you looking for a new technology vendor to help you launch your solution? We help you make a smooth and efficient vendor change and take over your project in the middle of your journey.

Why Do You Need Workforce Solutions?

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Save Resources

You would be able to save money by bypassing the procedure of recruitment.

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Gain Flexibility

Get more leeway in your schedule by leveraging staff augmentation.

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No Botheration of Churn

A single employee churn can cost you dollars; get rid of this challenge

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Control Budget

Maintain fiscal restraint by immediately employing professionals of a high caliber

Skip the Expensive Costs of Recruitment and bring Highly Skilled Tech Talents to Your Game in No Time

We help businesses grow and scale consistently with our Workforce Solutions.

  • Know how we leveraged data-driven approach for a government website to help improve them processes
  • Know how we delivered impersonation detection using face verification & recognition
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Our Workforce Solutions Process

Image, Video and Text Processing and Analytics

Gathering Requirements

Specify your tech stack, team size, and staffing duration. We'll find the right applicants faster with more information.


Choose Developers

We provide ready-to-go staffing teams. You can select and interview a custom-recruited developer for long-term collaboration.

Recommendation Modeling

Onboard Remote Programmers

Staff augmentation integrates your in-house team for successful collaboration. Brief your hires on project details and give team roles.

Manage extended team

The extended team follows your internal calendar and uses the same project management tools as your on-site staff. Project Managers are available for team management.


When you need an extra push to your development, whether in a single team or across numerous teams, using a Workforce Solution approach is ideal. We easily incorporate into your current systems and culture.

Flexible delivery models

Experts at hand

10+ years of technology experience

Clear deliverables