Our AI & ML Services help optimize your business functions, thereby streamlining your business decision making.

Image, Video and Text Processing and Analytics

Image, Video and Text Processing and Analytics

We can closely work with clients to help with AI use cases that involve image and pattern recognition problems.


Natural Language Processing and Semantic Analysis

We can help translate your vision into fully built production grade solutions across the entire spectrum of Chatbots, NLP and Text Semantic Analysis.

Recommendation Modeling

Recommendation Modeling

We can closely work with clients to model sales and target advertising, help build recommendation engines and implement look-alike modeling.

Predictive Modeling

Our knowledgeable team will be able to collaborate with your team in understanding your domain and help design solutions using appropriate models to achieve your goals.
anamoly detection

Anomaly Detection

AITACS has experience in modeling and detecting anomalies in real-time, in dense and sparse time-series data, and in high dimensional large scale multi-featured structured and textual data.

Improve Your Business Decision making with Our AI & ML Consulting Services

We have helped businesses across industries  to optimize their business functions using our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services.

  • Know how we implemented Automatic News Alert System using traditional Machine Learning 
  • Know how we delivered impersonation detection using face verification & recognition 
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What We Do

End-to-end customised AI Software Solutions



  • Understand your business objectives and data ecosystem.
  • Identify opportunities for AI integration.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for AI implementation.
  • Provide expert guidance in navigating the complex AI landscape.
  • Align AI solutions with your business goals.

NLP Solutions


  • Analyze and interpret unstructured textual data.
  • Enable sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and text summarization.
  • Facilitate language translation and chatbot development.
  • Drive customer engagement and automate processes.
  • Derive actionable insights from vast amounts of text.

Computer Vision


  • Expertise in image and video analysis.
  • Develop applications for object detection and recognition.
  • Implement image segmentation and video tracking.
  • Enable automated visual inspection and facial recognition.
  • Harness computer vision for autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and immersive experiences.

Predictive Analytics


  • Anticipate trends, customer behavior, and demand patterns.
  • Utilize historical data, statistical modeling, and ML algorithms.
  • Drive proactive decision-making based on accurate predictions.
  • Optimize resource allocation and operational efficiency.
  • Gain data-driven insights for strategic planning and execution.


We will help you tap into new business revenue streams by making the best use of your data

Higher accuracy

Better decision making

Enhanced forecasting

Diverse technology portfolio