We help You Report Carbon Emissions Correctly, Assess Your Company's Carbon Footprint, and Make Strategic Decisions


Sustainability Strategy

Five 360° value creation forces will drive development prospects in the next decade. We help clients define their sustainability goals, build the business case, and create sustainability roadmaps.

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Net Zero Transitions

All firms increasingly prioritize net-zero. Industries are urgently rethinking their end-to-end value chains for sustainability. AITA helps reduce carbon emissions based on energy use, billing data, and expenditure data, thereby delivering social and economic advantages.


Sustainability Measurement, Analytics and Performance

ESG performance must be measured and reported as people, employees, stakeholders, and regulators demand more sustainable enterprises. AITA delivers tools, technology, and techniques to help businesses incorporate sustainability data, decision-making, and performance into everything they do to assess commercial value and sustainable impact for all stakeholders.


Security & Integration

Define and implement a security model in line with organizational requirements. Integrate and automate data between Net Zero and other enterprise systems.

Generate Long-Term Value by Monitoring, Analyzing, and Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

From strategy through implementation, our services help you overcome your biggest sustainability obstacles and realize sustainability's competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Know how we tailored the Salesforce Net Zero cloud to enable collection, consolidation, calculations and generating the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) for Indian market
  • Know our consultants & experts who can help in implementing a Salesforce Net Zero cloud and accomplish your Sustainability goals
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ACE Your Competition with Our ESG Service Offerings.



We assist customers create an end-to-end ESG strategy beyond compliance reporting. ESG experts with subject and industry knowledge provide customized consultation services. We have accelerators that optimize time to document key requirements to build a robust, data driven ESG program.

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Tracking and reporting important ESG metrics for marketing initiatives and generating business intelligence helps our clients achieve their goals. It is built using recognized frameworks that publish a set of criteria for measuring, identifying, presenting, and disclosing environmental impact and GHG emission information in the company's annual or sustainability report, which details its social, environmental, and governance performance.

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We help our customers achieve sustainable Operations Management, which we define as the pursuit of social, economic, and environmental goals – the triple bottom line (TBL) – within a firm's operations and operational linkages, including the supply chain and communities.


We are Committed to Resolving Issues related to the Environment for Both AITA and Our Clients and Suppliers by Assisting Them in Making and Meeting their Commitments.

Our focus is on achieving net-zero emissions by 2025

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