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  • August 12, 2021

Streamlining Product Configuration for a Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Business Drivers:

  1. Lack of visibility in SKU combinations across multiple territories.
  2. Complex discounts with diamond points.
  3. Tedious management of SKUs and pricing across different territories.
  4. Absence of attendee intelligence and measurement of ROI.


The leading medical equipment manufacturer based in the US implemented a custom-driven application to address their business challenges related to product configuration. The solution involved the following steps:

  1. Custom Application Development: A custom application was developed by leveraging Salesforce’s out-of-the-box (OOB) features with an enriched user interface (UI) and easy navigation. This application focused on streamlining the product configuration process.
  2. Territory-Based Product Configuration: The application incorporated territory-specific features to enable accurate SKU combinations, relevant currency settings, and territory-based discount and diamond point redemption options.
  3. Seamless Integration: The custom application seamlessly integrated with the existing Salesforce platform, allowing for centralized data management and real-time updates across territories.

Business Impact:

The implementation of the custom-driven product configuration application had a significant impact on the medical equipment manufacturer’s operations:

  1. 250+ Sales Representatives Utilizing Product Configuration Page: The product configuration page provided a user-friendly interface for sales representatives to generate quotes with the right set of products for specific territories. Over 250 sales representatives utilized the page, streamlining the quote generation process and ensuring accuracy in product selection.
  2. 80% Increase in Productivity Hours: With the streamlined product configuration process, sales representatives experienced an impressive 80% increase in productivity hours. The custom application simplified the management of SKUs and pricing across different territories, allowing sales reps to focus on core selling activities.
  3. Elimination of Quote Revisions Due to Incompatible Products: Prior to implementing the custom application, quote revisions were frequent due to incompatible products. However, with the territory-based product configuration features and accurate SKU combinations, the medical equipment manufacturer achieved zero quote revisions related to incompatible products.


By implementing a custom-driven product configuration application, the leading medical equipment manufacturer successfully addressed the challenges associated with multiple territories and complex SKUs. The solution, leveraging Salesforce’s platform features, enabled visibility in SKU combinations, streamlined discount and diamond point redemption, and simplified SKU and pricing management across territories. This case study highlights the power of customized solutions to cater to specific business needs and the significant business impact of streamlining the product configuration process for a medical equipment manufacturer.

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